Is flower delivery profitable in Singapore

floristique. sg is a flower delivery service in Singapore that provides flowers for all occasions, from birthdays to funerals, at competitive prices. Given this information, it begs the question is flower delivery profitable in Singapore ?


The survey results conducted by showed that business is very good with profits growing at between 30 to 50% per annum in recent years.


The business was started in early 2010 with Singaporeans’ love for flowers and appreciation of the little things in life continuing to be strong today. That is why had committed itself to continue providing quality flower arrangements at affordable prices, catering to Singaporeans and also to business clients who require flowers for their offices and events.


According to the survey, has sold more than 80,000 bunches of flowers since its founding in 2010, accounting for more than 100 million stalks of flowerheads shipped from farms across Asia. The company also has a diversified product line, including plants, cookies, cakes, and other gift items. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its network of more than 1000 florist partners to serve its customers around the island.

Today, is one of the leading online websites for flower delivery across Singapore. It continues to improve its services with new technology and aims to raise awareness of environmentally friendly flowers as a greener option

Why is the best?

  1. Good Customer service-

They have an excellent customer service team that always tries to follow up with their customers. Floristique follows up with its customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase and service. They wait for at least 24 hours before following up to give their customers time to receive the products first. If there’s anything wrong with the products, they will inform their

The Advantages of Using Leather Armchair for your home

Leather is one of the most durable materials for use in furniture. It is for this reason why many homeowners put leather furniture on top of their to-buy lists. The classy look they impart in the house is always an eye-candy to visitors. Aside from this, there are other advantages of using a leather armchair.

It exudes toughness and durability.

Aside from the sexy aesthetics it gives, a leather armchair is also tough and durable. Leather is one of the materials that get better with time. Of course, with proper care – you’ll be surprised that your leather furniture can get old with your household members!

A leather armchair perfectly imparts its color to the house.

Most homeowners are very keen on playing with colors for various home pieces. With this, mixing and matching the hues and palettes of furniture and other home decors become essential. For example, if you’re looking for a leather armchair in Singapore, you’ll be surprised that there are many colors to choose from. The rich and bright colors of leather are sure to complement whatever style you want to impose on your house. After all, the unique dying process locks in the color of the material.

It provides you with the ease of cleaning.

When it comes to the choice of furniture, ease of cleaning is a factor you must evaluate. It is an advantage that is rightfully awarded by a leather armchair. Simple wiping of the surface will do the trick of eliminating dust particles that accumulated. You can also minimize vacuuming tasks since you don’t need to do them frequently. And an associated benefit – you’ll get to save on electricity and energy as well!

It imparts an inviting atmosphere.

Live up to the most recent moniker that Singapore received as the

How to locate the best HDB property agent

When buying real estate property in Singapore, it is essential to hire the best real estate agents. Several agents will be ready to do the job. Not all can assure potential home buyers of the best deals. It is good to shop around and locate the best agents who will go the extra mile to avail top quality services. A quick comparison of the different agents available will make it easy to locate the best. One of the factors to check out is the quality of services offered by the agents. Some agents are known to offer top-quality services. They are the best top hire if you intend to get high-quality services. Other factors to check out when hiring an HDB property agent are:

Fees charged by the agent

The fees charged by the agents are another big factor in checking out. Hire agents who tend to charge fair fees. Some agents have been in the industry for a long time and offer top-quality services at affordable fees. When about to buy the real estate property, always ensure the fees charged are affordable. When taking into consideration the fees, also check the hidden charges that may be applicable. Some agents will offer the services, but they will have different hidden charges. Check out the hidden charges to make the right decision when dealing with the different real estate agents.

Online reputation

When about to hire the HDB property agent online, check out their repudiation. Agents who offer the services online will attract reviews from other people. They should be ready to offer top-quality services that satisfy many people. There is a red flag when a given agent has a lot of bad reviews. The agents should offer top-quality services that will satisfy many people to be assured of a good

Places with the most convenient cycling routes in Singapore

Places with the most convenient cycling routes in Singapore.

One of the best ways of reducing the commuting time in Singapore is by the construction of convenient cycling paths in major Singapore cities and neighbourhoods. You might have already noticed the rapid popping up of comprehensive and cyclist-friendly routes all over Singapore and its communities.

These paths are under the National Cycling Plan to have entire Singapore linked with cyclist-friendly tracks, making it possible for citizens to cycle for exercising and recreation and cycling to work. Indeed, the Ang Mo Kio was the first housing estate in Singapore to have fully completed bike paths by 2019.

The “Cycle to Work” appeal led to 190 kilometres of cycling paths in significant housing estates.

(Paths are shared by both the cyclists and pedestrians). It is estimated that by 2030, the total length of cycling and pedestrian paths will be over 700km (distance from Penang to Singapore)

With the ever-expanding cycling network and the increased demand for cycling, more people opt to buy bikes over cars. Here are some of the best places you can live and enjoy cycling to work in Singapore.

Yishun. Since 2013, over 10,230 new HDB units have already been built in Yishun new city and a staggering 15517 units in Punggol within the same period. Although most of these flats are in the developing parts of the Southeastern part of Yishun, the residents will have a chance to access the current amenities such as the new Northpoint City, legendary Chong Pang hawker, through bike paths. The National Cycling Plan has established that the Yishun’s cycling paths will connect several workplaces, including the:

Seletar Aerospace Park (about 5 km cycling journey)

The Ang Mo Kio Industrial area (about 6.5km)

Senoko Industrial Estate and the Woodlands Industrial Park (about 9.5

Reasons To Consider Using Grammar Checker

Grammar checker is a software that checks the grammatical mistakes in your writing. It can be used for checking any kind of text, including emails and documents. The program will help you find all sorts of errors such as spelling mistakes, punctuation problems, incorrect usage of words or phrases, etc. You don’t need to know how to use it; just install this tool on your computer and start working with it right away! This article will help you understand why using English grammar sentence check tools is worth it.

  1. Gives faster feedback

When you write an email or document, many things are going through your mind at once. For example, you may want to make sure what you wrote makes sense and keep track of time so you won’t miss out on anything important. If you have a lot of work ahead of you, then you might not even notice some small mistake until later when you go back over your work. With a good grammar checker, however, you’ll get immediate feedback about whether something’s wrong. That way, if you do happen to overlook one thing, you’ll see it immediately instead of having to wait until after you’ve finished everything else.

  1. Helps avoid embarrassing blunders

When we’re typing up our thoughts into a word processor, sometimes we tend to forget certain details. We often end up making typos because we didn’t think enough before hitting “send.” A good grammar checker helps us catch these types of mistakes early by giving us instant feedback. When you receive comments from someone who has checked your work, they usually point out where you made a typo. They could say something like, “You forgot to include a comma here,” which would let you know precisely where the problem was without wasting too much time

Everything you need to know about Singapore Interpreting Services

Singapore is one of the most progressive Asian countries, and their constantly growing businesses require interpreters to help them communicate internationally. Even individuals who need to have conversations with people who do not speak their language hire interpreters to help them. Interpreters are one of the significant factors to successful interracial communication, contributing to successful businesses and relationships. Before we dive into the depths of Singapore’s interpreting services, let’s look at two different kinds of interpreting.

  1. Simultaneous interpreting

This kind of interpreting employs highly skilled language professionals. While the speaker is talking, the interpreter translates simultaneously, with no need for a break or for the speaker to finish their sentence. The industry standard is to have at least two interpreters because of the high demand for the particular skill set. One interpreter may not handle the stress and pressure of the job, thus requiring another to support them, especially during large-scale events such as conventions and conferences. Businesses that are in international competition need this kind of interpreter. It keeps them at par with organizations such as the UN and major government departments.

  1. Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the more common kind, where the linguist allows the speaker to finish their sentence before translating. The speech is usually cut into chunks for the interpreter to analyze and interpret. They are often hired for smaller business events such as presentations, meetings, interviews, or social events. It is also used for marriage registrations, medical consultations, court hearings, and small occasions.

Singapore interpreting services invest in the person, but they also aim to have the highest quality of interpreting equipment to aid the linguist. There are interpreting equipment, interpreter booths, and interpreter receivers such as headsets and microphones.

The Specifics of Singapore Interpreting Services

There are two kinds of systems employed for interpreting.

Company Incorporation Service in Singapore

When a company is incorporated, it becomes an independent entity from its owners. The assets of the company and those of its investors and owners become independent. This separation of assets and cash flows between the owners and the company forms a stream of resources with limited liability hence the name “limited” in all incorporated companies. Incorporation commences with writing “the articles of incorporation,” which triggers a procedure to enumerate all shareholders. You can choose to do incorporation of your company the conventional way or contact a company incorporation service. Most of such services in Singapore are online, and with the company incorporation service, the process does not take long.

Why Incorporate Your Company?

The principal advantage of incorporating a company is to protect owner and shareholder assets. A corporate company becomes a legal entity to incur its liabilities and settle debts. The shareholders can conduct business without risking their assets or standing up for court hearings in compliance suits. Secondly, incorporated companies tend to have a more appealing view of clients and associates. They appear credible, permanent, and stable, which conveys better commitment. Also, incorporated companies have broader capital access. Banks and other lenders tend to be more lenient to incorporations when handling loans. Such companies can also gain capital by issuing stock shares. Also, corporations tend to enjoy tax benefits since the tax rates depend on their profits and not assets. Finally, incorporating a company provides anonymity among shareholders, and the company can achieve perpetual existence.

Changes Accompanying Incorporation.

The first step after incorporation is opening a new bank account into which each shareholder deposits their investment. Next, the company must appoint a secretary within six months. The secretary is responsible for checking compliance regulations. Also, an incorporated company must acquire a seal to mark unique signs

How to Know When MacBook Battery Replacement is Essential?

If you are using a MacBook laptop, you have to replace the battery after a certain period. There is not a perfect machine available in this world. So, an upgrade is essential in some point of time to make your device future-proof or good enough to meet your needs. The battery is one of the most important components that need replacement. How to know when it is time to replace your laptop’s battery?  Check out Elservice for their macbook battery replacement service at 

You can find many MacBook owners who don’t have a clear idea about the average lifecycle of the battery. If you don’t know when to replace the battery, you are making things complicated for your MacBook. The overall performance of your laptop comes down with a faulty battery. It is a fact that the battery of a MacBook laptop depletes gradually. If you are an experienced user, you might have a fair idea of the battery life. Let us explore the best method to know when to replace the MacBook battery. 



With the help of an in-built tool, you can check the current status of your MacBook battery. When you press the ‘Option’ button on the keypad, you will be directed to the menu bar where you can find a battery icon. Once you click on this icon, a drop-down menu will appear that displays the �Condition’ of the battery. It shows you one of the four options, including Service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon and Now. 



You don’t need to think about an immediate action if you see the icon Normal or Replace Soon. The Replace Now icon suggests that the battery charge has come down considerably, and replacement needs to be done as soon as possible. If you see the message Service

English tuition for Singapore primary school students

Singapore is the financial hub of South Asia, and people from different countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, India live in Singapore for personal and professional reasons. English is the main language for business communication in Singapore and it is used for higher education also. Since English is not the mother tongue for many students, they find it difficult to understand and speak English when they are admitted to primary school. Hence many parents are interested in finding a reliable tutor who offers English tuition Singapore primary school level at a reasonable rate.


Finding tutors

Parents have usually hired a tutor for their child if the child is not doing well in some subjects, and they do not have the time or inclination to teach their child themselves. Earlier tutors were hired using the personal and professional network of the parent or asking the teacher. The parents usually did not have much choice while selecting the tutor and often had to pay high rates. To overcome this problem, now parents can find English tutors online conveniently using tutor websites like Champion tutors. They can either choose online tuition or find a tutor who will visit the child at home.



For finding a suitable tutor, the parent has to decide how many hours of English tuition the child will require. This will depend on multiple factors like the age of the child, the current English grades and how much the parent can afford to pay. In some cases the parent may also specify the ethnic background of the tutor, they will prefer someone of the same ethnic background. For smaller children who are not very proficient in computers and other gadgets, the parent may prefer a home tutor, who will visit the home to teach the child for

Study table should have the right height

Students in Singapore spend many hours daily seated in front of their study table. While they can do their reading without a table, many prefer to use a table if they are taking notes while reading . Most students have to do writing homework regularly. For writing it is very important to have a comfortable table to support the book, writing pad, or paper, else the handwriting will get affected. They are also using a tablet or laptop in some cases, and having the right table height is also important in these cases. Hence parents are looking for a suitable study table for kids Singapore, which is well designed and comfortable, so that their child can use it for many hours, without suffering from any ache or other problem.


Kidschamp magicube is one of the most popular and well designed children’s table available in Singapore. One of the reasons why many parents prefer to purchase the table is because the height of the table is adjustable. Usually children will start requiring a table for their writing work or studies from the age of three, and continue using it till they become young adults. If the parents will purchase a conventional table of a fixed height for their child, they will find that the child has outgrown the table in a few years. 


When the height of the table is less than the ideal height for the user the child will usually slouch over the table while writing. If this slouching is not noticed and corrected quickly it can affect the posture and appearance of the child. Having poor posture can adversely affect the professional and personal life of the child in the long term. Hence most parents will get a new table for their child when they